Donor Walls

Many institutions including schools, colleges and universities, medical facilities, cultural organizations and others would like to show their appreciation for individuals who have contributed to fund-raising efforts. These donor names can be displayed in a variety of settings and materials. Glass and tile are often used indoors, whereas bricks, pavers and stone work well outdoors.


There are diverse ways to use decorative glass, architecturally in doors, windows and shower doors, commercially and institutionally as dividers and signage and in furniture applications (cabinet doors, table tops).


Stone is a beautiful natural material that can be effective as signage, directories, commercially for logos and artistically for civic and institutional installations.


Tiles can display decorative motifs – religious, cultural; they work well as name plates; or they can display descriptive text or as function as wall art.


Contemporary frameless mirrors add a minimalist effect to your modern décor.


Sandblasted designs reveal a tactile dimension on decorative vases.